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Your Study Group

The Study Group is easy to explain, and yet difficult at the same time. It has been explained to me as the group of people you come in contact with. Think of it as being in school, and having an inner circle of friends. Then there are also the popular people who everyone knows, but you don’t really associate with, except one of the girls will occasionally come sit with you during lunch. Then there are the political kids, who though you have no immediate contact with them, they affect your thinking because they are always passing out fliers, or protesting, etc.


All of these people, and all of the people each of us comes in contact with comprises The Study Group for us. Our individual Group, overlaps into other’s Groups as well, so then they also become part of your Study Group - an Extended Study Group of sorts.


We are to learn from each other and support each other, or shock each other and make our destinies different because we want not to be like a certain member of the group. Sometimes we expel ourselves from a group, and move into a new group because it is moving in new directions. In essence, we study together, and if we learn at the same pace, we may stick together (some of us), or we move faster or slower than our peers, and we part and move in other directions, expanding our Study Group. Many of the members of our group we have been with before in other incarnations, while others are brand new to us.


Our immediate group is The Study Group. Our larger group, all the people we come in contact with can be considered Spiritual School, like high school, though unfortunately, some of us remain in elementary school, for far too many incarnations. Our goal is to learn and maintain the ability to become our best spiritual selves, at all times and with every action we take..

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