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Why Amega Products?


Amega Global is a market leader in wellness technologies, where we manufacture and distribute wellness products and services through the network marketing system direct to our customers. With offices in 12 countries and network in 156 countries, we provide the greatest wellness opportunity.


Why Amega


Amega provides complete business solutions, allowing you to build on your investment anytime and anywhere. Our products are developed with our very own proprietary technology, and are easily demonstrable with almost immediate benefits.    



Hello Wellness Seekers!


Let me tell you what I know about the Amega Wand. A friend called and said that he had discovered an incredible product that aids in instantaneous results when the energy from it is used to remind your own body to heal, and that he was coming over to show it to me. Okay, right, I thought. So he dropped by and with incredible enthusiasm, he explained the product to me and the fact that some scientists had figured out how to harness electromagnetic energy and direct it. The result is a device that allows the user to point and direct this energy exactly where they want it, and through the body's own memory and efforts, healing occurs. Even with my own less than regular experiences, this made me skeptical. So he let me borrow one of his so that I could test it out for a few days.


Unbelievable claims? I thought so too, but on the first day I had it, I worked on an elderly friend's shoulder who was in extreme pain for 25 mins. and it increased her shoulder raising ability about 6 inches higher with no pain. It simply raises your body's vibration so that your body can then repair itself.


Here is what the company says about Zero Point Energy used in Amized Fusion Technology in the Amega Wand.


"Zero Point Energy is the infinite, formless, non-frequency energy that contains all potential in the Cosmos' quantum vacuum. When this energy is condensed into matter, information is stored in the molecular structures that have vibratory frequencies, commonly known as the electromagnetic spectrum."


Basically, the way it works is that this energy is able to remind your body what it should be like if it were in its best and most perfect state, and then the body works toward achieving that state, instantly in some cases. It may take several sessions over time for some cases, depending upon the person's condition, and how long the injury has been in place. But, eventually your body remembers.


I'm so convinced that the Amega Wand is the real thing that I went ahead and became part of the sales team because I do believe all people should have access to this! I would not do so if I had not seen results. It does, what some of the healing systems like Pranic Healing and others do, and though I know that operator intent is part of its effectiveness, if your heart and spirit are willing, this tool is quite helpful for healers, or self healing, to help the body right itself.


Think quantum mechanics, quantum physics and click here to learn more on my Amega Wand site! www.eamega.com/spiritsetfree