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Will You Be The Next God?

Human spirits are evolving! As we approach 2012, the world is changing as we know it, and people are developing exponentially, with new, expansive spiritual skills. If we have been using only 10 to 14 percent of our brains, it stands to reason that we use equally low portions of our spiritual IQ and ability to reach our Creator, whatever name you may use. It’s time for a new approach to interacting with God, each other and the spirit world.


Eva Ravenwood has lived a life in high recognition of the expanded spiritual universe that many simply ignore. But a time may come, and soon, when we may all develop abilities that heighten our spiritual IQ and interactions with the unknown. A natural clairaudient and “accidental” psychic, Eva talks about how her not so ordinary life, might be quite ordinary as a future model for our communications with God. It is all a matter of relaxed vision, reverence, respect and surrender to a power quite obviously more powerful than us all. Eva works with many who are caught in a state she calls “hazing” (sometimes misdiagnosed as schizophrenics or bi-polar) between regular frequencies, and those who are developing mediums, to help them get control of their energy levels, accept the spiritual and energetic changes, and be able to communicate with continued spirits.




“As effectively, if not more powerfully, Eva, like Neale Donald Walsch and his Conversations With God, assures us of Mother/Father/God’s existence and that we are never alone.”


Gwyn F. McGee – aka Eboni Snoe (from the Foreword)Author of Something Deep in My Bones


“I have read so many books and talked with so many people in my personal journey, and Eva’s book has helped me synergize my thoughts into beautiful light and clarity.”


Mandume Robertson - Light Worker


“If you didn’t believe, now you will. For those who ever had any doubt about the existence of God, or–if you did believe–how real God is and that she/he/it can be clearly communicated with, this book The Next God is for you.”


Mike Seymour – Author of Educating For Humanity


“I have read many spiritual authors from Silvia Browne to Gary Renard, and this book answers so many unanswered questions. It also addresses God in a way I have never heard before.”


Danah Hilden – Orange County Divorce Solutions


Publisher - Eva’s Reading Room - P.O. Box 50473 * Atlanta, Georgia 30302 * USA


Cover design * Hugh Marshall & Bill AlgerFront photo - Carl W. Nunn * Eva’s photo - W. A. Bridges