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note: This site is still under construction. Until all shows are linked up to this page, you may find them all at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thespiritualenvoy. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Alternative Healing


Tony McClean - Light worker, healer, music and crystals spiritual repair specialist - listen here!


Roger Ford - "Healing In America" Organization for complementary healing - listen here!


Yadira - Reiki Master and owner of California Reiki talks about Reiki for parents and children



Continued Spirits


Alice Kelley - Director of the Alex Tannous Foundation for spiritual investigation and exploration - founded by Psychic Alex Tannous


Loretta Holton - Author of "The Journey of Expansion", and mother of a son who continued on as a spirit as a teenager


Robert Schwartz - author of "Courageous Souls" about how we plan our life while between lives



Death, Dying, Near Death Experiences


Annamaria Hemingway - Author of "Practicing Conscious Living and Dying: Stories of the Eternal Continuum of Consciousness" - part of The Spiritual Psychologist series, interview conducted by Dr. Mary Chestnut and Dr. Shawn Garrison


David Warner - NDE person/survivor/experimenter - listen here!


Diane Goble - Near Death Experience person and Author of several books on the experience


Linda Langston - Author of the book "Exit Point" as well as several other books, which deal with issues for teens related to dying early - listen here!


Maria Dancing Heart - "The Last Adventure of Life" - former hospice coordinator and also a minister





Clive Doucet - author of "Urban Meltdown" - a political, environmental and spiritual view of global destabilization


David Steinman - author of "Safe Trip to Eden" - a spiritual, environmental and political view of global destabilization


Scott Brusaw of Solar Roadways - brilliant system to save the planet and each other - listen here!



Indigo Children


PMH Atwater - Author and Near Death Researcher talks about her book "Beyond the Indigo Children" - listen here!



Interfaith Movement


Rev. Bob Hrasna and Rev Carla Ivison of "A World Alliance of Interfaith Clergy"


Rev. Jay Speights - author of "Harmonious Day" and interfaith minister and Chaplain


Kay and Dave Corby - Common Tables Organization, which offers people of different faiths a way to meet and talk with understanding each other as their goal - listen here!



Spiritual Development


Ross Robertson - Senior Editor of "What Is Enlightenment Magazine" a spritual awareness and enlightenment magazine


Gayle Etcheverry - webmaster/founder of "God Bless Humanity", a site about the good stuff human spirits do


Oliver Jobson - author - "Expanding the Boundaries of Self" - first interview - listen here!


Oliver Jobson - author - "Expanding the Boundaries of Self" - second interview


John Curtis - author of "The Business of Love", talks with Eva about "The Secret" and the dangers of too much "gurism"


Liz Pagayonan - Intentional Scrapbooking - a way to plug directly into your spiritual power through creativity - listen here!


Michael Skoronski - author of "Unforgettable" - about his personal exploration for understanding of the spiritual expectations we are under


Stephen Hawley Martin - author of "A Witch in the Family" and publisher of "Intune with the Infinite" a late 19th century book by Ralph Waldo Trine



Children's Spiritual Growth and Spiritual Parenting


Celebrating Children's Strengths - Spiritual Mom's Corner hosts Danah Hilden and Jamilah Shakir talk about how to help kids be successful in life through spirituality - listen here!


Daring to Discipline - Spiritual Mom's Corner hosts Danah Hilden and Jamilah Shakir talk about how to discipline children with a spiritual approach


Our Relationship with God - Spiritual Mom's Corner hosts Danah Hilden and Jamilah Shakir talk about how to raise children with a spiritual and personal relationship with God


Un-prejudicing Our Children - Spiritual Mom's Corner hosts Danah Hilden and Jamilah Shakir talk about how to help children deal with issues pertaining to sex, race, class, intellect, religion and culture in an unbiased manner


David Evans - Mediator and Author of "Does God Speak Through Cats" , who specializes in teaching kids healthy conflict resolution skills


Debbie Edwards - Medium and Author of "Voices Speak, A Beginner's Guide to Spirit Communication" which addresses helping children cope with dreams and nightmares


Dr. Thomas Phelan - Author of "Magic 1-2-3" as well as several other books, and specialist in Attention Deficit Disorder


Rebecca Whitecotton - Author of "Child of Mind Know This" about understanding that the spirit is a great deal of who humans are, and a perspective on looking beyond the physical


Sandie Sedgbeer - Author of Inspired Parenting and many other books, discusses her online magazine for Indigo Children, Crystal Children, the New Kids and other children's subjects


Summer Bacon and Dr. Peebles - Author of "This School Called Planet Earth" discuss domestic violence and parenting - listen here!


Dr. Steven Hairfield - Author of "The Metaphysical Guide to the Bible"


Mike Seymour - Author of Educating for Humanity, and the focus of The Spiritual Educator series



Spiritual Politics


Scott Manley - "The Spiritual Progressive" blogmaster, who keeps us on our toes!


The Palestine Tragedy! Enough! - a discussion with several Muslim and non-Muslim scholars, activists and teachers about the 2009 Israeli Attack on Palestine



Spiritual Psychology -- Emotional and Mental Health


Dr. N.S. Xavier - Author of "Fulfilling Heart and Soul: Meeting Psychological and Spiritual Needs With Conscience"



Spiritual Publishing


Three Spirits Press - publishers Alan Lohner and Jason Savage talk about their Press



Spiritual Retreats and Sacred Sites


Martin Gray - photographer/author of of "Sacred Sites" a 25 year journer around the world to major sacred sites of worship and reverence


Sandy Hollywood - Sweetwater Wellness Center co-owner in Atlanta, Georgia





Gino, The WaySeer of the Siskiyou Crest and Susan Sweet Grass Menanno - Shamans, treeplanters and author of "Shape Shifting Stories of Native American Spirit"


Leone Lawrence - Shaman and author "Halfway Between Heaven and Earth - The Uncommon Story of a White Woman"



Releasing Dogma


Vel Nirtist - author of "The Pitfall of Truth: Holy War, Its Rationale and Folly" a brilliant study of the problems that come from one-upmanship


Dr. O.T. Bonner - author - "The View From Eternity" and "Why Healing Happens" from a medical doctor's perspective who also believes in reincarnation


Dr. Joseph Lancaster - author of "The Christian Attitude: Holy or Unholy" a study of Gnosticism



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