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Spiritual Individuality



Welcome to the free mind body spirit connection for self discovery!


Barring multiple births, no two people look exactly alike, nor do they have the same athletic, mental or emotional characteristics or else we would all be like Michael Jordan, or Megan Fox. Therefore it stands to reason that no two people would view the spiritual world and the Creator or Divine Architect in the same manner either. So the more we know about our spiritual differences, the fewer religious barriers between us, resulting in greater compassion, fewer conflicts, and more pleasant and free mind body spirit connections.


The less flexible, the more difficult our lives, and the more flexible, we seem to breeze through deaths of loved ones, job loss, and stressful situations with ease and humor. If living our free mind body spirit connection, the less tightly we hold on to limiting and exclusionary beliefs, and set ourselves as free as butterflies!


What's on this site to help my Spirit Set Free!


I've divided these Spirit Set Free! examinations into two parts. Our connection to the Divine Architect and spiritual development and Our connection to each other, and then a third to describe my services and point of view. However, this site is designed for you to find YOUR own path as you explore, first and foremost, as is our individual, personal task on this plane. I'm only here to assist.


   Free Mind Body Spirit connection to the Divine Architect(or God)



   Universal Laws

   Various spiritual development methods

   Paranormal -- the new normal, and spiritual evolution. A significan amount of information on this site is about hearing voices,        

and an updated look at how that operates in a world with people with evolving skills.

   Angels and Guardian Angels

   Spiritual baths and cleansing

   Prayers and thanksgiving prayers


It is important to understand the worldwide universal laws and how they operate, in order to better know which one, or ones might be guiding our lives at a particular point. Too much has been made of one law, The Law of Attraction, when others may be guiding us as well, or instead. In keeping, The Law of Gratitude is becoming quite prominent in the world today,for which I am truly thankful. This seems to be part of the Shift that is occurring, and the documented elevation of our collective vibrations. We can never be too thankful, and gratefulness is a prime element of living out free mind body spirit fullness.A great example of this was on the Runway Project television program with Heidi Klum. One of the final four contestants was a young man who had been a drug addict; had multiple tattoos, and was about to commit suicide just five years prior to being on the show. All four of them talked about their lives, but at the end of him telling his story, he said in a most sincere way, that he was just plain and simply grateful to be there and grateful for the experience whether he won or not, because he knew how far he had come by the grace of God. He won!. His designs were not better than at least one other person's, and in my opinion, he had a spiritual edge because he was living out and learning properly under the universal law that was apparently guiding his life. The Universal Law of Gratitude.


Like fish in a school, we are in spiritual earth school, and so we are never alone as we learn our lessons, often best, together. If you are on a spiritual discovery path, it helps to know where your kindred spirits are.


   Free mind body spirit connection to each other

   Understanding The Study Group

   Spiritual workshops

   Overview of World Religions

   The Interfaith Movement (a primary hope for survival in my opinion)

   Grief counseling and dealing with grief

   Death of a child

   Loss of pet family members

   Spiritual love and spiritual dating

   Spiritual networking sites

   Spiritual greeting cards

   Spiritual music, books, art and movies

   The Spiritual Envoy Radio Series - interviews with our fellow travelers and The Spiritual Mom's Corner - interviews conducted by Danah Hilden, with folks who make kids their priority - see directory of shows