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Difference between Religion and Spirituality

There is no "proof" there is a God; and no "proof" that there is no God, to anyone other than the believer or disbeliever.


If you believe, then there is evidence everywhere to support your point of view. If you don't believe, there is evidence everywhere to support your point of view.


Either way, there is never enough evidence to make you believe the other side if you don't want to.


The real problem is religion, not God. Religion is a human, cultural response to trying to figure out God, and how to manipulate the concept or actuality of God (doesn't matter which) for human ability to control other humans.


God is not the problem, humans and their need to control are. If it weren't the problem, these kinds of conversations would never come up. Their seeming, purpose ultimately, is to try and control the way another person sees God . . . as opposed to just respecting, or appreciating the differences and letting people be who they are.


I feel certain that God does exist, but certainly not in the form that most religions, especially the big 3, push It. Instead I think it is a concentrated brain-like energy source designed to teach.   And the universe is a training ground, designed perfectly as an obstacle course for many and all beings on this training schedule, on the inhabited planets, to accomplish and learn different things. Our particular class may be mayhem and chaos, and how to rise above it. Many are failing. Some are doing well. Those are my thoughts.


An interesting film addressing some of the "order" of our world is What We Still Don't Know, see it below.

What We Still Don't Know


Part 1


Why Are We Here?

Why Are We Here?


Part 2.


Are We Real?

Why Are We Here?


Part 3


Are We Alone?

What We Still Don't Know


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The Cosmos

What We Still Don't Know


Part 5


New Understanding