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Hearing voices does not necessarily mean mental Illness, in times of spiritual evolution



Hazing (my term) is the place where people who are developing their abilities as mediums just begin vibrating high enough to connect with the spirit world. Unfortunately, in mediumship the first spirits that can be connected to are the ones who vibrate at the lowest frequency, and they are usually disruptive, negative, mischievous and annoying if not downright mean and hateful. They often seek to confuse a person and keep them running around in circles in their head. They will tell you to hurt yourself or others, or that you are nothing, or that people don't love you and actually hate you when you thought they loved you. Their only purpose is to be ugly to you. They are angry and confused, and want you to be the same.


For the sake of explanation, not necessarily completely accurate, think of a thermometer, and at the bottom is zero. Let's say that that is the average frequency of the internal vibrations or electrical measure of most people who do not hear voices. As mediumship develops, a person who can hear the first voices, the negative ones, might be at 10 vibration, and that negative communications pick-up (think of it as radio waves) may last till you get to about 30 as there are many different kinds within this range. Then after that you get to the benevolent spirits, usually in your ancestral line as they are easier to hear first, that might be from 31 to 45, and then spirit guides, from 46 to 55, and Angels, from 56 to 65, and other beings, all the way up to God at say 90 or so. Although it is important to note that I suspect that God and Angels can reach us, no matter what frequency we can achieve.


If you think of hearing voices this way, you are just moving up the scale. But you have to move, or you stay stuck in the lower vibratory communications and then are afraid, frustrated, angry (which lowers your vibrations) and all other manner of systems that don't help your cause of getting out of where you are. Usually, medication won't stop you from hearing voices either, so then you have an added issue of taking a chance and going off of them because they don't work for you, which is not good, or always being drugged and the effects of that on your body, and still hearing voices, and that is just not pleasant!


My mother stayed there most of her life, hearing voices of confusion. When the abilities began with me and the negative voices started, I knew her example was not one I wanted to follow, and researched and began many hours of prayer. I do mean many – sometimes 8 hours a day -- for a couple of years, but I learned a lot about raising vibrations, and enough to help some people like me and her find a shortcut to some of what I learned. Let me say at this point, I have never been diagnosed as having any mental illness because I don't, and hearing voices doesn't affect my life adversely after I got through hazing, which I will not lie to you, was a rough few years – but I fought accepting that I was ill because I heard voices, unlike my mother who accepted that diagnosis. Now nobody, as in unseen continued spirit folk, talks to me unless they ask permission, or unless I ask permission. I am loosely monitored by three psychologists, two of whom I now at times, work with their clients because after years of watching me and others, they are developing different views of patients hearing voices.


If, in this new state of mediumship, you elevate your vibrations, and that can happen through non-begging prayer, (that means no help me Jesus, please just make it go away, help me, help me -- as that is a prayer of desperation -- which connects you to desperate spirits, and logically so when you think about it) meditation, yoga, concentrated thought, or whatever system you might find and use, with prayer being the highest because you are seeking to move outside of yourself to connect to a more powerful energy system in God/Divine Architect/Creator, then your results are faster and more positive I find. Once you do that, the negative voices cannot reach you anymore because you operate on a higher frequency than they can reach, and you are then talking to a whole new group of folks. It is possible.


When you reach this point in your journey of hearing voices, you have control and access to all manner of information that only has usually come in snatches before, usually starting in childhood. If you were a child with premonitions that were inconsistent, then there is a possibility that you are not schizophrenic, but a medium in training. You just have to learn how to get control. That is not all people in this category, of course, but may be some.


If you can say the following prayer consistently - like 3 times a day for at least a month, really trying to understand what it means, even if you don't in the beginning, and the voices go away, seem confused (remember that you are not hearing voices that are arbitrary, but actual spirit beings that you are communicating with -- this is the hard part because it takes rearranging the way you may have thought the world was organized), or are less hostile or you hear them less often, then you are possibly, or perhaps a hazer. This is important. Never stop the prayer. It is like a control device to keep your vibrations high. As a medium, you will need such devices because of your vibratory differences.


Bear in mind, that in the beginning, possibly for the first two to three weeks, perhaps longer, you may be hearing voices that get more hostile because they know you have gotten a system that might work, and that they won't be able to make your life miserable much longer, but they can't sustain the vibratory changes for long, so they will leave, or more accurately, you will leave them, vibratorily speaking. Couple this with burning a candle for your Guardian Angel/Spirit/Guide (does not matter what your faith is - somebody is keeping track of you - - trust me on this for the moment) and you may see major changes. If you do, it is likely that schizophrenia might not be what is happening but mediumship is. But this is tricky.


Please, DON'T go off of medication if you are on it. The changes will override the medication and you will need less of it as time goes on. Stay under the supervision of your medical or psychological practitioner, but do these things and the discomfort will generally change over time. You have nothing to lose from this perspective, if you do nothing foolish because of it, so just keep an open mind. Expect, that if you are diligent, you will feel quite different in about 6 to 8 months, a small price to pay if you've had years of this going on. I strongly suggest that as you continue hearing voices, because as a medium, it is not something you can just turn off, you keep a journal, paying close attention to the hours after you say this particular prayer, and keeping track of the activity and content of the voices/spirits. Some will be stubborn.


If you are hearing voices, I also suggest that you find a Sukyo Mahi Kari dojo (http://www.sukyomahikari.org/) and go to receive light regularly. They have them all over the world and they are free, with only service requested (like washing the windows or dusting), and/or a small donation if you have it. If not, no problem. I've worked with several clients now to separate these things and make the situation clearer. It doesn't matter if you believe it or not at first. What do you have to lose if hearing voices is making your life miserable? If you simply get out of your own ego and try it, you are likely to see changes. It is this element though, I will say, that is the hardest for people to work past if they are resistant. Your choice, but you do have a choice. If you can find a good, well trained Pranic Healer, this should be useful as well. They too are all over the world. http://www.pranichealing.com/ If you are a hazer, you are dealing with an alternate energy state, so it makes sense that a person, or system of alternate energy control might be beneficial for you.


Remember, and this is KEY! Self-involvement, self-pity, anger and frustration will keep you in this perpetual state because they are automatic vibration lowering devices. You will remain a hamster on a wheel (and will still be hearing voices) unless you work to break this cycle, and that is what the vibration raisers mentioned before will do. It is not as hard as it might seem, in fact it is simple, but requires consistency and getting out of your ego. That is what the Hindu prayer will help you do. Say it even if you don't understand it, and one day, it will almost magically kick in and you will get what it is really about!


Here is the prayer below. Write me at evaravenwood@yahoo.com for the Guardian Angel altar information, as it needs more explanation. If you want to understand this better, I strongly suggest that you get my book The Next God as the book explains not only my journey, but my mother’s to some degree. I am also putting together a questionnaire for interested people, so that I can better distinguish some of the behavior and activities that people who hear voices undergo, so that I can identify hazers more efficiently. Please consider becoming part of this study, and by filling out the questionnaire once I finish compiling it, and I appreciate in advance, your participation.


There are also on this site, links to organizations and forums for people hearing voices, and lots of support for this element of spiritual evolution. There are a lot of clairaudent people hearing voices who are too afraid to admit it, or are at different stages than you that you can learn from.


Think of it like getting through the hazing phase of a fraternity. If you get through it, there is a lot of wonderful stuff on the other side!


Be well and thank you for allowing me to be of possible service in this.




The Living Dead Prayer


Have done with pride and arrogance, conceit, envy, self- assertion;

Practice humility, obedience; worship the Creator.

When a man has abandoned false pride, arrogance and vainglory,

When he has become humble and meek, then does he find true bliss.

Prince and beggar alike must die: not one survives.

Him do thou call living who has died and yet lives.

My enemy “I” is dead: now none can smite me down.

‘Tis I who slay myself: thus, being dead, I live.

We have slain our enemy, we have died; but he is not forgotten.

The thorn remains to vex us. Consider and lay this truth to heart.

Then only wilt thou find the Beloved when thou art as the living dead;

Only by losing thyself canst thou find Him who knoweth all.

Then wilt thou find the Beloved when thou esteemeth thyself as nothing;

Recognize therefore by quiet reflection whence the thought of self arises.Becoming as the living dead, come thou into the way,

First lay down thy head, then mayest thou venture to plant thy foot.

Know that the way of discipleship is exceeding hard;

The living dead walk in it, the Name of Rama their sign.

So difficult is the way, no living man can tread it;He only can walk in it, O foolish one, who has died and lives.

Only he who is dead can tread the way that leads to Niranjana;

He finds the Beloved, and leaps the fearsome gulf.

He that is alive shall die: only by dying inwardly shall he meet the Lord;

Forsaking his fellowship who can endure when trouble comes?

O when will this dominion of self pass away? When will the heart forget every other?

When will it be wholly refined?

When will it find its true home?

When I am not, then there is one; when I intrude, then two.

When the curtain of “I” and “you” is drawn aside,

then do I become ever as I was.


This prayer is found in the book "Every Eye Beholds You - A World Treasury of Prayer" with interfaith prayers from all over the world, edited by Thomas J. Craughwell, and printed with Mr. Craughwell's permission. It is essential if you are hearing voices, and are going to make this journey of elevation, even if you are schizophrenic or bi-polar fully, and not just in hazing.

Hearing Voices  (Hazing)