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Dealing with Grief

If this is your situation, there is no shame! Go for it!


I now believe that grief counseling of some sort, is essential for many people in bereavement.  Amount of grief seems to be a response to physical departure, that is in direct correlation to the spiritual broadness of the person experiencing it. I've found that in clients, the people who are the most broad thinking, and accept the fact that no matter what we want to believe, we do not run much, have the easiest time with grief and physical death of loved ones. Those who have a tightly sculpted view of exactly under what conditions death happens, especially if it is a reward system, or based upon overly simplistic ideas like good and evil, have the most difficult time with death, grief and bereavement because at their root, they feel betrayed by God because they feel their loved one was taken unjustly, no matter what the circumstances. If you are in that group, that is holding on tightly, the grief counseling might be essential for you.


Understanding the stages of grief and bereavement, might be helpful for those involved in this experience, so that they can plot a plan to move through it. Deciding to stay in this state, is contradictory to our spiritual growth. Seeking grief counseling is a sign of spiritual effort to stay forward moving, and not spiritually stagnant.  With that in mind, anything that helps you move through grief, from a professional or self-source, is essential as you take this part of a natural journey of life. Physical death is as essential as physical birth for us to live our human experience, however there is no spiritual death, from what I've been told, and so we are only moving from one phase to another.If you are in this experience with the death of someone you know, please look for bereavement centersclose to you, and books about grief, so that you have the best chance for dealing with grief and keeping your spirit free and forward moving.The show above, with Maria Dancing Heart, a hospice counselor, is an excellent primer if you are experiencing grief and looking for a spiritual perspective. I hope you enjoy it! You can get your copy of her book in the bookstore on this site.